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TOVP is a streaming media platform integrating news content release, management, communication and other functions, providing end-to-end streaming media solutions for traditional news media enterprises.

Main functions

  • News classification navigation
  • News content recommendation (manual recommendation / intelligent recommendation)
  • News On Demand (Multi-track / Multi-subtitles)
  • Live News (Time Shift, Looking Back)
  • News Search (Keywords, search history, Hot Tagged search)
  • News collection, reviews, attention, thumb up
  • News Sharing (deeplink)
  • Message push
  • Dynamic configure to UI layout
  • Multilingual operations
  • Data statistics
  • Regional limitations
  • Rich types of advertising
  • Content Security Distribution (CDN+ Anti-theft Chain)
  • Support for multiple terminals (android, iOS, PC)


  • Flexible and diverse UI/UX layout (custom media Logo, recommended bits, background colors, etc.)
  • News local sharing / third-party social platform sharing (Facebook, Twitter et al.)
  • Support application advertising (Launch advertising, graphic advertising, video advertising), and support Google DFP advertising integration
  • Support news browsing statistics, advertising statistics and other data reports
  • Stable global CDN acceleration with worldwide node distribution

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