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Live Streaming Solutions For All

Live Performance

  • Stable 4K HD transmission
  • Real time interaction for fans
  • Accelerated by Global CDN
  • Anti-screen recording and anti-theft chain

Industry Summit

  • Multi-devices supported
  • Online voting and lottery
  • News integration
  • HD transmission

Online exhibition

  • Online exhibition hall
  • Video-on-demand of products
  • Establish business connections in real time
  • Checkout for samples immediately

Product Launching

  • Global live broadcast
  • Low lantency
  • Time-shift replay
  • Data Analysis

Sports Event

  • 4K/8K transmission
  • Real-time courses list
  • Virtual interaction
  • Multiple monitizion methods

Online Education

  • Anti-screen recording and anti-theft chain
  • HD class broadcast
  • Vod of courses
  • Online interaction

Why Us?

One-Stop Solution

Instant message, real-time audio video, message pushing, CDN, CMS, data analysis in one solution.

HD Quality Audio and Video.

Advanced anti-packet loss technology, network adaptive, lantency as low as 66 ms, 80% audio anti-packet loss, 40% video anti-packet loss

Opened API

The API is highly flexible. Beauty, voice change, pendants, Dynamic expressions and stickers are supported.

Level-Up Your Streaming Business By


Content Management

Our professional CMS could let you manage your content efficiently from uploading, transcoding, to publish


Content Delivery Network

Our CDN offers two pay-as-you-go daily billing options, bill-by-bandwidth and bill-by-traffic.


Real-Time Messaging

Support simple, low-cost and smooth migration of third-party IM products


Time-Shift Replay

Users can drag progress bar while watching live shows


Anti-screen recording

Multi DRM leverages unparalleled value to media companies, content owners, streaming media providers and broadcast operators worldwide.


Multi Devices Supported

Deliver you live streaming to PC, android, iOS, TV, web,H5

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