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The XMediaCloud OTT Platform brings all the components of your service together. We take care of subscriber management, content management and device management. It handles metadata for linear TV, EPG, Catchup TV, recordings, Video-on-Demand and channel packages, while it also integrates with billing systems and other third-party solutions and interactive services.

Multi-screen for OTT serivce

TV Everywhere with Multiscreen

The current version of our OTT platform can be accessed from various mobile devices, as well as from traditional desktop and laptop PC’s. We bring your content to the devices of your customer's choice, you can choose one of the above, or all of them for your service.

✔ TV

✔ PC

✔ Smartphone

✔ Tablet


Efficiency Transmission Guaranteed

Global cloud-based CDN distribution gets the VOD any time anywhere. High-performance cloud server high-speed transmission efficiency guaranteed and distortion-free and lag-free transmission process, providing high-quality and fluent video for subscribers.

Multi-Terminal Adaptive Cloud-Based Platform

As a multi-functional and multi-terminal adaptive cloud-based video broadcasting platform, OTT VOD platform integrates high quality video resources from Youtube, Netflix, Google ecosystem and provides VOD quality content to consumers from different channels with the powerful customer terminal support (STB,PC,Moblie,Ios,Tablets.)


Monetize With Standard Subscription

You can offer flexible channel packages from content providers to your customers and we will help you monetize on content and services by integrating our platform with your billing system.

● Integrate the third party payment gateways.
● Support pre-paid and post-paid.
● Post-paid, only need user to input the PIN code to purchase, can support monthly deduction automatically.
● Support scan the QR code purchase.

Personalized Services

Flexible personalized services, such as: UI/UX interface replacement, integration of your business systems, and integrated platform interface. Resource package subscription and VOD various advertising value-added services, relying on the OTT cloud platform's big data analysis to recommend paid resource packages and advertising for different consumers.


Hybrid solution for IPTV&OTT

If you have functioning IPTV services and are looking for possibilities to build OTT TV and integrate it into an existing IPTV solution, XmediaCloud hybrid solution combines OTT and IPTV, enabling broadband Internet providers to expand their IPTV offering by adding OTT products to their portfolio thus keeping up with requirements of today's customers.

Benefits it brings:
1. Encapsulate existing IPTV service to an APP and achieve multi-cast through deeplink.
2. Launcher provided and 3rd party content introduced (YouTube, Netflix)
3. Live channels for multicast and VOD related service for OTT unicast.
4. Integrate with IPTV Headend.


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