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Video Distribution Workflow


Adaptive Cloud-Based Platform

Push the TV station streaming to multiple devices. Support RTP, RTSP, RTMP, HLS and other protocols for streaming media transmission, adapting to the transmission protocol requirements of different terminals. Provide adaptive bit rate codec for the different network service, real-time dynamic decoding to meet the quality of screen playback.

News Media Channels Congregation

Not only congregate the traditional news media channel,but also intergrate rich source of live webcast channels. EPG offers consumers the freedom to choose their favourite channels and to experience the ultimate in media streaming through the channels' interactive modes.


Efficiency Transmission Guaranteed

Comprehensive Multi-DRM, Anti-theft chain, real-time authorization and media streaming encryption. Guarantee transmission security, efficient decryption and high-definition video quality. With the TRTC(Tencent Real-Time communication) function we launch a new and outstanding feature called Screening Room, where subscritors can invite their friends to join the screen when watching VOD programs on TV station, and then watch the videos online at the same time.

Low Cost Fast Deploy

Based on cloud infrastructure service support, 0 cost to hire technical developers, you can quickly deploy APP platform, access to a ready-to-use product solutions. A strong cloud infrastructure with its powerful CDN distribution service can provide you with a fluent live streaming experience any time anywhere.


Live stream your content anywhere

Want to create your own live TV channel on an OTT platform and broadcast it to your worldwide customers?

With XMediaCloud, you can create live stream of your content to wherever you want – native mobile app, tablets, smart TV apps like Teizen TV, Apple TV or other OTT platforms, your choice.


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