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Higher Definition

The world's leading dynamic codec technology supports 4K/8K high resolution through a combination of intelligent scene recognition, dynamic coding matching, and enhancement of picture quality restoration.


Audio Call

TRTC supports dual-channel and 48 kHz one-to-one or multi-person audio call. One call supports a maximum of 300 participants and 50 of them can speak at the same time. This is suitable for scenarios such as voice chat, audio conferences and audio customer service.


Stable Network Communication

TRTC offers a global end-to-end latency of less than 300 ms, packet loss prevention rate of over 40%, and network jitter prevention of over 1,000 ms. It guarantees high-quality, smooth and stable audio/video communication even in weak network environments.


Cross-Platform Compatibility

TRTC allows you to start, answer, and end audio/video calls on mobile browsers through mobile webpages or WeChat Mini Programs. They can also be directly implemented on PC, Mac, or third-party apps through webpages or SDK integration.


Instant Messaging (IM)

TRTC provides a secure, stable, and highly accessible instant messaging service, which is supported by Tencent's IM technologies that sustain hundreds of millions of users. You can permanently use the free tier of IM services with limited features and only pay for usage exceeding the free quota.


On-Cloud Recording

TRTC supports on-cloud recording. It can be used with Tencent Cloud VOD and its comprehensive APIs to achieve storage, transcoding, distribution and other features.

Interactive Live Streaming SDK

Fast and low threshold access

Provide rich scenario-based components covering pan-entertainment, education, and enterprise services, as well as code examples across the platform. Easy for you to customize all aspects of the audio and streaming experience, including controlling latency at the flip of one parameter.


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