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E-education platform give you an instant access to millions of all subject study resources, course notes, test prep, tutors, and more. learn, teach, and study with a course hero to achieve your goals and reach their full potential.

Main Features:

Multiple language support.
Multiple screens supported.
Record Live Lessons.
Learning stats trackable.
Schedule list available.
Interactive Live Classes.
Record Live Lessons.
Build a VOD Library
Access Video CMS Tools
Time alert action helps Short Attention Spans.
Broadcast to Any Device with HTML5 Video Delivery


1.Easy access to 10+languages, freeing up language learning. Users can search by category to find the target language course.
2.List of all the courses you enrolled in for checking and playback review.
3.Interface show of the the professionalism teacher power of the company on the APP, you can assure who to choose as your mentor.


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